Claireth Cantillo

MBA and World Citizen

MBA and World Citizen


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Vicecuradora - Global Shapers Panama

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"Passionate and focused on developing young leaders that are able to achieve them".

Born in Santa Marta -Colombia, during a period of deep violence and poor economic situation, Claireth has witnessed the transformation of her city into an environment of hope. This context influenced her towards having a great interest in social development and what it's the role that leadership and social entrepreneurship can play for the well-being of people at a massive level.

Claireth is the Execute Director of Indigo Youth Leadership Community in the Panama Hub. During her role at Indigo, Claireth have lead spaces where low-income secondary students and volunteers can interact, developing their socio-emotional skills, inspiring them to contribute with ideas to improve their communities. Her efforts in Indigo Panama has been oriented to make a project that contributes greatly to the creation of social capital, betting on implementing the Indigo methodology in communities at social risk.  Providing spaces where young people can interact together and develop their socio-emotional capabilities, being part of initiatives that contribute to improve their communities. 

Claireth is member of the GS since 2018 and she thinks that social entrepreneurship is a great way to help others and improve our community and she believes every day that give back others can help us to grow as a Global Citizen.

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