Dr Gabriel Rebollón


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MD, Social Innovator, Behavioral Change expert, Scientist

President of Fundación Sangre Panama a Non-profit that promotes and educate about health and voluntarily blood donation in universities, schools and companies developing targeted Corporate Social Responsibility Programs with measurable impact.

Advisory Council Member for the Global Shapers Community.

Health and Healthcare Expert Network for the World Economic Forum

Recognized as New Champion for Science and Social Innovation at the Annual Meeting of New Champions of the World Economic Forum.

Héroe Por Panamá 2013 Award winning Social Entrepreneur for developing disruptive behavioral change campaigns on health education, prevention and voluntary blood donation.

Author of "¡Yo puedo ser un súper héroe!" a children book series that teach about taking action and turning into agents of change.

A Japan Scholar on developing Behavioral Change Initiatives for prevention of Communicable Diseases and Non communicable diseases for the youth.

World Health Organization Consultant on Productive Management Methodology for Health Services.

Social Impact Scholar 2017 of Singularity University in San Francisco California for developing exponential initiatives.

Georgetown Alumni from the Global Competitiveness and Leadership Program 2017 and Awarded the GCL Seal by Georgetown University.

Co Founder of the Blood4All Initative in the Global Shapers Community,

Keynote Speaker.

Contact information: gabrielrebollon@gmail.com

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